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Below you'll find Merchants and Products which speak to the topic of this site and which, in keeping with our mission as The Web's Concierge, have been carefully chosen and individually screened for your shopping ease and pleasure. They are not paid ads, but rather companies with whom we have selectively chosen to partner. We do earn a referral fee if you find something you like or need and purchase it. We have striven to bring you the "best in breed" companies ... those that: we like, our friends like, have great sites and service, have good online reviews, positive consumer reports, and are family friendly. Keep us posted with regards to your own personal experiences with them.

You may be surprised at companies that have not been included. The "noisiest" in the marketplace are not always the best. We have chosen 1) newer innovative companies that are performing well and garnering respect in their respective niches as well as 2) "Main Street" companies that have been reliably getting the job done for decades ... in some cases centuries. Our oldest partner, thus far, has been in business since 1819! That's staying power.

Rest assured, if we've included a certain vendor in a site's line-up, there's a very specific reason for it. You may have to hunt and poke a bit, but it'll be well worth the effort. Enjoy the adventure!

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The Leader of the Pack

Baseball Digest: The magazine for die-hard major-league baseball fans ... you'll find player profiles, feature articles, trivia, a crossword puzzle, "Rules Corner", a letter section for fans, and in-depth statistics, as well as special issues covering the World Series, rising big-league rookies, and Player and Pitcher of the Year selections. MLB brought to you all year round.

Customer Favorites:

Amazon: One of the planet's most mind-boggling arrays of goods. First came the books. Now they've added every other product on the planet. The ultimate in selection and convenience across multiple categories.

Baseball Express: Providing gear & equipment to Baseball players at great prices for over 20 years.

Baseball Rampage: Brand name Baseball and Softball Gear and Equipment.

Beckett Baseball: The Beckett publication dedicated to Baseball news (real and fantasy play) and Baseball Trading Cards.

BJ's: Probably America's favorite wholesale shopping club. Great for individuals, families, and small businesses (actually big ones too!). Not much you can't find here. And at great prices.

Brookstone: A specialty retailer offering an assortment of consumer products that are functional in purpose, distinctive in quality and design, and not widely available from other retailers ... just the coolest place to find the neat, the unusual, the pragmatic, and most importantly, the innovative! (They have long been "the" leader in the "travel comfort and preparedness" column ... it sure helped sell their wares in all those airport stores.) Always a satisfying shopping experience.

ESPN Magazine: The magazine for the up and coming generation of sports fans ... with an emphasis on the personalities, lifestyles, and off--the-field activities of today's newsworthy and up-and-coming athletes. All delivered with insider insights, humor, cutting edge design, and in-your-face photography.

Online Sports: Just a fun place to browse for anything and everything sports - gear and equipment, accessories, apparel, memorabilia, and gifts. You'll find something for the fan of ANY sport ... from sports themed home furnishings to sports gear to jewelry. Be forewarned ... the "search" function is not as efficient as it could be ... but they've got the stuff! Very, very cool!

Pictures on Gold: A Leader in Customized Jewelry (All types of Jewelry) with a Twist ... Utilizing the Latest in Laser Technology to Create Photos (Any and All Themes) Lasered onto 14K Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry ... and They've Been Doing it Online for over 10 Years. What Great Gift Options ... Way Cool! You Just Really Need to Check This Out! Also a Great Source for Sports-themed Jewelry ... a Huge and Comprehensive Selection!

Sears: What started as your favorite catalog store has survived to become a giant retailer - 2,300 Sears branded and affiliated stores across the US and Canada - of all your "home, hearth, and garden needs" including apparel, appliances, tools, and automotive products. We may take them for granted, but there isn't much they don't have across all niches ... all displayed across an organized, easy to navigate site.

SpiritLine: Offering thousands of school/team spirit items ... fan gear, apparel, mascots, decorations, cheerleading ("cheer gear") and dance gear, and sports products. Also offering fundraising products & prom and homecoming supplies. (They've even got the crowns and tiaras for Homecoming Queens and their Courts!)

Team Snap: An easy to use application that allows you to manage game and event schedules, keep team members up to date with consistent information, track team monies, share photos and files, and track individual and team progress and stats. Everybody's finally on the same page and working as a team ... getting the same information at the same time. Great for any organized sports team, but also ideal for any group that functions as a "team" unit.

The New York Times Online Store: Great Gifts born from a legendary newspaper's archives. You'll be amazed at the possibilities here! Plan to spend the afternoon. The archives are just the beginning ... there's signed sports memorabilia, fine paintings, antiquarian books,, etc. The breadth and quality of inventory is stupefying!!

More Resources: If you love Art ... any kind of art, any subject ... you're gonna love this site. It's a feast for the senses. You can browse by subject, genre, artist, room to be decorated, and even color palate. Once you've found the image you've been looking for and/or can't live without, then you have multiple product types to choose from ... there's even a great selection of wall tapestries. You'll have fun here ... no matter your special interests or current decorating mission. Their tag line says it all: "Find Your Art, Love Your Space."

Beckett Sports Card Monthly: A monthly magazine loaded with everything you, as a collector, need to know (including values) about sports cards, non-sports cards, gaming cards, etc. A complete resource to the topic of trading cards.

Channel Guide Magazine: Your monthly guide to TV Entertainment ... 200 pages of daily programming grids, A-to-Z movie listings, exclusive interviews, viewing recommendations, premium channel highlights, and much more!

EastBay: A leading world supplier of athletic footwear and apparel and sports equipment.

Junior Baseball (6 Issues/1 Year)

Junior Baseball: A baseball resource for players aged 7-17, their parents, and coaches. Edited on three distinct reading age levels. Topics include baseball skills, profiles of outstanding youth teams and players, tournaments, new equipment guides, Major League stars recalling their own youth baseball days, health, nutrition, injury prevention and cure, and more. Columns include skills clinics; baseball card, autograph, and other memorabilia collecting; sports psychology; and reader-written experiences. In short ... it's chock full of all things baseball for youths who love and play the game! Herbs, Foods, Supplements, Bath & Body

Kalyx: Kalyx is a neat and unusual destination that covers several distinct and diverse (distinct and diverse on steroids) niches, yet does them comprehensively. There probably is no more extensive resource on the planet for herbs (especially in bulk) and "natural food" products including homeopathic extracts (a bit pricey), nutritional supplements, natural therapies and remedies, etc. The same goes for Sports & Games ... an incredibly vast selection of every Sport and Game imaginable. Then there's the Personal Care, Kitchen and Housewares products (for personal and commercial varieties), Gardening and Hydroponics, and even Science (definitely geared to the teaching environment here) categories. An unusual site, but one you want to be sure to check out when you've either got lots of time to browse or quickly need something in a distinct category. A site that fills both leisurely and "gotta get it now" browsing methods.

KMart: Offering a wide range of merchandise from appliances, electronics, and toys to apparel, home decor, and sporting goods ... and much, much more. It would be hard for us to calculate the goods we've bought here over the years. Great stuff, great prices ... every once in a while the online customer service gets a bit flukey... What's neat ... they've still got their great layaway plan available online!

Kohl's: One amazing department store - if you put it in your home, on your body, or if it involves sports, play, or toys of any type, they've got it. (A hint ... if you are looking for counter or bar stools, this is probably the most extensive selection on the planet!) Every geek's favorite shopping site.. It's a guess, but an educated one and probably not too far off the mark. More recently, they've added to their inventory ... at this juncture, they've become a first rate one-stop shop for just about anything you could need or want.

Shopko: Offering a Real Online Smorgasbord of Products and Brands (They've Been Doing It Offline Since 1962). A huge selection ... everything from "Minions" to Mach-speed Tablets!

Sierra Trading Post: All your favorite Sierra Trading Post gear ... you'll be good to go for every outdoor activity. In addition to "the Gear" .... you'll find a fabulous selection of apparel and decor to suit the "casual lifestyle" of the outdoor-minded.

Click Here for Replica Gear from

SoccerGarage: Soccer apparel, gear and equipment, and even DVDs ... a vast inventory including all the leading brands, good prices, cheap shipping. A favorite resource for Soccer teams and clubs. Also carries baseball, basketball, field hockey, rugby, softball, tennis, and volleyball equipment.

Stumps: If you need to decorate and throw a party for any event or occasion such as: school functions (including proms, homecoming, graduations), weddings, parades, "coming out" events (Deb Balls or Quinceneara), fundraisers, golf outings and tourneys, fundraisers, church functions, retirement parties, and even restaurant-based parties of any kind, etc, etc ... Stumps is your go to resource. Since 1926! This favorite shopping destination has become one of the Web's 5 top favorite places to shop ... the company has worked its way into the Fortune 50. They've really covered all the bases when it comes to customers' "wants and likes".

The Bradford Exchange: A Premier Online Destination for Limited Edition and/or Licensed Collectibles (Think Disney, Thomas Kincaid, NASCAR, Precious Moments, Sports Teams, etc.), Personalized Gifts and Jewelry (a great place to find beautiful Music Boxes), Artistic Apparel, Decorative Accessories, Dolls, and Home Decor, and much, much more. A Fun Site to Browse ... A Great Place to Shop.

Welcome to ... an unlimited network of sites encompassing all your special interests and favorite destinations. Our aim: to make your online browsing, shopping, and socializing easier, more efficient, and even more private. Explore and Enjoy!
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